The main aim and purpose of the association is to create at least 1 entrepreneur in each village that is to develop 87,316 entrepreneurs in 87,316 villages. If 1 entrepreneur creates employment for 4 people on an average, then there will be employment opportunities of 4 lac 36 thousand 580 people.

Why become a member of the Entrepreneur Association?

01 Opportunities to become new and successful entrepreneurs through profitable, quality and up-to-date business plans.
02 Facilitation of finding different types of projects/customers.
03 Opportunities for entrepreneurship through micro-investment in integrated projects.
04 Opportunities to obtain guidance and assistance in obtaining bank loans, working capital, marketing capital.
05 Various types of free training.
06 Opportunity to continuously improve business by improving product quality.
07 Overall support and assistance for business expansion.
08 Networking opportunities across the country and around the world.
09 All-round support for production of adulterant free, chemical free and quality food products.
10 Marketing the products at home and abroad and export opportunities abroad.
11 Experienced and skilled entrepreneurs provide early warning to new entrepreneurs to avoid problems and opportunities to solve problems if they occur.
12 Opportunity for members to be included under various incentives, assistance, packages and programs announced by the government.
13 Opportunity to identify profitable business by area and manage the said profitable business area wise.
14 Through Smart Card/ID Card/Membership Card, discounts and various facilities at home and abroad.
15 Opportunity to interact and provide feedback with CEOs of various organizations, policy makers, bankers and prominent businessmen.
16 Opportunity to participate in various fairs in the country and abroad for marketing the products.
17 Opportunity to participate in seminars, think tanks, workshops and various national and international events.
18 Licensing, assistance in obtaining various types of clearances, such as BSTI laboratory reports, ISO certificates, export-import licenses, etc.
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